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My CalendarSeldom, almost of women don’t take an attention for their periods. Every month, they just pass by the period, as usual, thing. Sometimes, part of them forgot to prepare ‘menstrual pad’, just like me.  Besides, when I was at junior high school, I had always marked my own calendar for special things (my period), and it helps me to remember when the first day I had my own periods. For several healthy reason, knowing your periods date is a must. Because it will helps you to take care of your organ healthy.
And for others, it helps you to determine, whether you are pregnant or not. Sounds helpful, right?

So, I want to introduce you what #AppInsideMyPhone that I used for track my own period. This is My Calendar, with the icon the book with a flower, and its pinky! I am not that pinkish addict, but it doesn’t matter, except the useful every month in my life.

First, I use security login for it, so others can’t see the date of my period. And iI feel protected of it. You can use protection too, and it is free.
Second, when you success to login on your application, you will lead to the dashboard, it is funny because you can change the picture at the text Period Starts tap me. And here, you can choose what you need. If your period starts, just tap the animal icon, mine is a dog.

Calendar : you can see when your last period track here. And while you were on your period, you can add some note. Example: the flowing of your period, do you take a medicine or not you can check what kind of medicine you take, in the daily not on your period, you can check when you had intercourse with your husband, and all the symptoms you had while you were on your period.

Log : this is a menu for you to track all the year your period time. And also the prediction of your ovulation time.

Chart : When you always check your weight every day, it helps you to remember, and here is the function to known you when your fertile day and when your ovulation day.

Setting : it contains anything, such as your period length, cycle length, ovulation and fertile, pregnancy, and it also helps you to activated reminders when your period, ovulation and to take a pill.

More of this application are, you can backup or restore all the history when you want to change your phone device. And also, you can share and make the other user as administrator so they will know everything about your period time and tracks. And, it has a community too, so you can share your story here with everyone around the world.

Sounds really useful and helpful, right? So, don’t forget to track and keep the date of your period easily from your phone device. Because you will not know, when your doctor will ask you the last date of your period :D.

See ya !

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