A word in 2016

Volunteer - According to blogpost from Lia about branding. The first month in 2016, I have so many plan, but the one thing I only concern about is “Volunteer”. After had some conversation with Mba Tanti Amelia a couple days ago, about how to growth the sense of belonging for community, my mind suddenly blewn out. All the ideas to make the community I had joined for about three years being better places for everyone. To be a place that can be inspiring anyone, anywhere.

Althought I know, everything need some times and has a progress that will make me desperate for hoping too much, maybe, but I know. When will I start if not today? Right now? Even I have to spare my own time to stay focus for it, even I didn’t pay for it, even some people see me as a bad ‘day dreaming’ person. But I don’t care.
Because volunteer is a thing that can make me or my skill useful. Can make my existance really exists. No matter what people say, no matter what people think about me. I have to keep moving forward because to make a social community it means
1. You have to be ready to meet with differen people with different attitude. And sometimes they don’t have any good behaviour.
2. You have to be ready to work for something payless or free. Don’t ever hope so much that you can take an advantages from it except your knowledges.
3. You have to be ready to have a large heart a very very deep of patience.
4. You have to know, when sometimes you get down, you can always pray to Allah, because Allah always listening.
5. You have to be ready, that the world will standing up for you and smile for your effort all this time.
So, for 2016, I choose to be happy for sharing anything useful for everyone even they are not take a responsibility to me. But, I do, will left them when they are still see me with their one eye. And keep moving for them, who need me and love me because what I share to them.
Isn’ t really lovely ? Yes it is.

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